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Voter Registration Information

Who May Register to Vote?

Anyone who is:

  • A resident of New Mexico
  • A citizen of the United states
  • Not legally declared mentally incapacitated
  • Felons who have satisfactorily completed all the terms and conditions of their sentencing
  • Eighteen (18) years or older at the time of the next election

When May You Register?

You may register to vote any time. In order to be eligible to vote in an election, your voter registration must be received by the Grant County Clerk no later than 5:00 p.m., 28 days prior to any election.

How do I Register?

In-Person at the office of the County Clerk or by using the mail-in registration form. These are available at any county clerk's office, at the Office of the Secretary of State and at many state agencies.

You may register to vote when applying for a new or renewed driver's license, when applying for certain types of public assistance or services, at many public libraries, colleges and universities, or at any organized voter registration drive.

Who May Register Voters

New Mexico has a self-registration form with instructions included. Any person may assist another in completion of a voter registration application.

What Information is Required?

The voter registration requires the following information:

Name, gender, birth-date, social security number, physical residence, mailing address (if different from your residence), party affiliation (if any), home phone number (which may be used for election purposes, but not required for voter registration) and a signature/date from applicant.

NOTE: A post office box is not a physical residence. Please use a street address or fill out the map at the bottom of the application if you live in a rural area. You cannot be assigned to the proper polling place unless the county clerk knows the location of your residence.

Privacy Act Notice

* Your Social Security Number is required pursuant to the New Mexico Election Code and will be used for voter identification purposes and to avoid multiple registration by a single individual. NMSA 1978 Sec.1-5-19. Certificates of registration accepted for filing by a county clerk and the contents therein, are public records open to inspection by the public with the exception of Social Security Number and date of birth. NMSA 19778 Sec.1-4-5 and 1-4-12


* Pursuant to the HELP AMERICA VOTE ACT 107-252, if this form is submitted by the mail and it is the first time you have registerd in this county or the state of New Mexico, You MUST submit a COPY of a current valid photo ID or a COPY of a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck or other government document that show your name and address in this county. submitting this identification information now will allow you to avoid being required to show personal identification at the polling place on Election Day.
Contact the Grant County Clerk's Office at 575-574-0042.

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