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Services of the County Clerk's Office

The Office of the County Clerk offers a range of services to residents of Grant County and to prospective businesses and residents of the county. Included in our mission are:

  • Recording: Deeds, mortgages, other real estate documents, discharges, death certificates. Any legal document can be filed in the Clerk's Office. Certified copies of documents may be purchased.
  • Plat & Survey Recording: The Clerk's Office files and records Real Estate Subdivision maps and plats and is custodian of the records. Copies of plats and surveys may be purchased.
  • Marriage License: By law, the County Clerk's Office is the only agency permitted to issue marriage licenses. All marriage license applications are permanently filed, as are marriage records.
    • Marriage License requirements:
      • Both applicants need to be present
      • Both need to be at least 18 years of age
      • Both need current legal picture ID
      • Social Security number
      • Fee is $25.00 in cash
      • Parental consent required if 16 or 17 years of age
      • Court order if 15 years of age
      • Marriage Licenses are issued and valid immediately
      • Marriage Licenses do not expire
      • Blood tests are not required
  • Business Registration: The Clerk's Office issues Business Registrations to businesses that fall within the unincorporated areas of Grant County, outside city limits. Business Registrations are $25.00 annually and you must complete an application and have a New Mexico Tax ID number. The County's business registration fee and policies are set forth in Ordinance 87-03-11. Read it here.
  • Liquor License: The Clerk's Office issues Certificates to all Liquor Licenses that fall within the unincorporated areas of Grant County, outside city limits. Liquor Licenses are to be renewed before July 1 of each year.

The Grant County Clerk's Office can be reached at 575-574-0042.

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